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httpsに切り替えたら、新しいページがGoogle Site Searchの検索結果に出なくなった話



Google Site Searchの検索結果に出てこないページが発生

自分が担当しているウェブサイトでは、サイト内検索機能をGoogle Site Searchに頼ってます。まぁ高性能ですし安いしイイですよね。


Google Site Searchの管理画面でインデックス登録したらエラー

上記の状態、Google Site Searchの管理画面で個別にURL入力したらエラー出るんですよ。こんなふうに。





Greetings from Google for Work Support Team!


As I understand from your message is that when you are attempting the submit https sitemap for on-demand indexing from the Google Site Search control panel Setup Indexing tab you are getting a message "Invalid url to index".

At present I am not able to understand which exact sitemap URL you were trying to submit, but I would like to update that to submit any specific URL/sitemap for on-demand indexing, you should be the verified owner of the site and the same email ID should be the owner of the GSS account.

In your case, owner of GSS search engine "000000000000000000:dy0_0_nnnn0" is '' but this email ID might not be the verified owner of the https version of site.

Due to this reason, the user '" is unable to submit on-demand indexing request for the https version of sitemap, which happens to be the owner of this GSS account.

In order to resolve the issue, please follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Please add '' email account as the verified owner of the https version of site by following the steps provided in the documentation link at:

Once this is complete, the new user "' should sign in to Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and add the https version of site in the normal way. The user will be automatically verified. Once verified please try submitting the https sitemap for on-demand indexing and check if you are seeing the same issue.

I would also like to update you that we do have a FR logged to display proper user friendly message so such scenario so that customers can themselves correct the issue.

Please check the same from your end and if the issue still exist, get back to us with the sitemap URL you are trying to submit for on-demand indexing and screen-shot of the error message.

Thanks and Regards,


Search Consoleの持ち主と、Google Site Searchの持ち主を同じに

要はSearch Consoleの持ち主と、Google Site Searchの持ち主は一致しないといけないんですね。そりゃ知らなかったよ。繋がってんのか。

担当してるメディアがhttpsに切り替えたのはだいぶ前で、現象は少し前から確認していたのですが、まだクロールされてないだけなのかな~ とか思って特定まで時間が掛かってしまいました。

Google Site Searchを使っていて、複数人でウェブサイトを管理しており、最近httpsに切り替えたよ~ という方は該当してしまうかもしれません(レアか)。日本語での同様の事例報告/解決方法が簡単に見つけられなかったので、情報共有まで。